Colin Powell ought to resign

In a rare display of what he is really thinking, we finally hear Colin Powell publicly admit to what he should have done all along, that it was a mistake to go to war over the non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

Under pressure from the White House, Powell quickly issued a clarification that he thinks Bush made the right decision after all.

Having sold his soul to the hardliners, it is time for Powell to show courage to finally redeem himself by resigning, and openly express his opinions and level with the American public, for his opinions were never really respected by this administration anyway.

They want him only because the public trusted him.

Indeed, if Bush thinks he made the right judgment call, it now appears that judgment is flawed in connecting the wrong dots from intelligence.

Surely, the administration would have claimed a lot of credit if WMDs existed.

Therefore, Bush should take responsibility for the wrong judgment call and face the consequences rather than (implicitly) blame the CIA. This would be a step in restoring the credibility of this government in dealing with future crises.