CMC pregnancy center tackles addiction

The Pregnancy Care Center at Catholic Medical Center, which cares for medically underserved pregnant moms and babies, is launching a new program to provide addiction treatment and recovery services to pregnant women in the greater Manchester area. 

Supported by a $25,000 grant from DCU, the Roots for Recovery program is open to qualified, pregnant women with substance use disorders. 

Women who take part in the program will get perinatal medical care and group counseling at the Pregnancy Care Center while also receiving buprenorphine treatment through CMC. Successful participants will earn points toward gear and accessories for their baby.

Pregnant women who are receiving treatment at area methadone clinics can also participate in the group sessions and incentive program. Women in the program will deliver their babies at the Mom’s Place at CMC and have access to the services of the Special Care Nursery. Mom and baby will also get follow-up care for one year.

“We know that support and encouragement are vital parts of the addiction recovery journey, especially for new parents who can sometimes feel overwhelmed,” said Renee Maloney, a registered nurse and co-coordinator of the program. “Roots for Recovery pulls together the essential resources for pregnant women and their families to be successful both in their recovery and in parenting.”

“The idea for this comprehensive service arose out of the unmet needs of the families we were seeing from the community around us. We are excited that this new program will support mothers and their children as they continue their journey to recovery,” said Nicole Pendenza, director of maternal, child and women’s health at CMC. 

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