CleanTech Council, hydropower group form alliance

‘A great move for us,’ says director

The NH CleanTech Council and Granite State Hydropower Association have joined forces, forming an alliance that the two organizations say will allow them to collaborate on “critical issues facing New Hampshire’s energy landscape.”

In a press release, the two organizations said they have “joined one another’s membership to better lead New Hampshire forward on issues that include fair market rates for distributed generation, net energy metering, better competition, and increased consumer choice.”

Kate Epsen, director of the CleanTech Council called the alliance “a great move for us,” adding that “small, in-state hydro is a key player in the New Hampshire clean tech market. Our members share the same concerns as GSHA members, and we can do more together.”

According to Dick Norman, president of GSHA, “The renewable industry has been fragmented. By coordinating our organization’s resources, we will become a stronger, more effective participant in the many regulatory and legislative proceedings that will determine the future role of renewables in our state’s diverse and growing energy industry."

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