Cheers for ‘casual’ parameters

To the editor:

For 30 years, I was involved as a consultant and supplier to the tailored clothing industry as well as serving as executive director of the International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives. I’d like to comment on Susan Osborne’s excellent article (“Doing business casual the right way,” Aug. 1-Aug. 14 NHBR).

Ms. Osborne specifies a “high-quality suit and button-down shirt” for “business traditional/corporate.” Actually, a button-down shirt is not correct with a suit, but is appropriate with a single-breasted blazer or sport coat. Straight-collared shirts should be specified for suits. Also, I would add tailored slacks for men to the “business appropriate” category.

In my present career, I’m a supplier of corporate apparel, and I try to guide my clients in defining the image that they should be projecting. It’s sometimes difficult to define the parameters of “casual.” Ms. Osborne’s article should be very helpful to your readers in this regard.

David M. Schmida
Promotional Dynamics Group Inc.

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