Career schools: a job-skills option

Tough economic times are resulting in potential or real job losses for many workers. These individuals are hard-working people who have held relatively good-paying jobs and because of the business downturn find themselves without a job. In some cases, this may require an assessment of the worker’s skills and the skills he or she may need in seeking a new position.

A major competitive advantage for a worker seeking a new position is that a potential employer finds attractive the individual who has taken the initiative to go back to school and update their skills or learn new ones.

Individuals who truly want to improve their lot in life, to improve their skills, to get some job stability or to get a better job in a growing field in a short period of time should consider taking advantage of one of our New Hampshire career schools.

Career schools offer programs that do not take a lot of time. The course work is very skill-focused. A course can be one to two days in length, while a full program can run from several months for a full-time student to up to 18 months for a part-time student.

Several schools offer externships as part of their program so that the student goes into the job market with some experience.

Career school programs generally cost less than traditional college programs. An individual does not need a college degree to hold a good position in the fields in which career schools provide training.

The primary mission of the career school is to train an individual in a specific skill area and to assist that student to achieve his or her dream of a better job. Faculty are experienced in their field and bring real-world perspective to class every day.

Career schools have a higher placement rate for their graduates than the traditional two- and four-year schools.

Most career schools provide a credential that is recognized by a hiring organization and, additionally, the graduate can take a qualifying test for obtaining a regional or national credential in that field. The credential is the ready door-opener to a better, more satisfying job for the career school graduate.

Over 20 different career schools will be holding a Job Training & Career Fair from 2 to 7 p.m. June 18 at the Derryfield Country Club in Manchester. For more information, visit

Peter T. Koch is executive director of the New Hampshire Council for Professional Education.

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