AT&T will work to make cell towers less obvious

LYNDEBOROUGH – AT&T has agreed to make its cell towers, both the one in place and the one proposed, less obvious to viewers.

Acquisitions expert Chris Dwight said the tower on Woodward Hill will be painted in the spring, the color to be selected by the town. The Planning Board has received a number of complaints about the tower being “obvious, sticking out like a sore thumb.”

A 100-foot tower planned for property near the highway department garage on Locust Lane will be changed from a monopole to a “monopine,” with “evergreen branches added to the sides” to make it blend in with the surrounding trees.

The board accepted the new plan contingent on a favorable vote at Town Meeting and the posting of required bonds if approved by the town.

The vote is required because the tower will be on town property. Placing it there will remove it from the South Lyndeborough Village area as originally proposed, and provide some income for the town.

Town enlists firm for review

GREENVILLE – Town officials have retained Municipal Resources Inc. of Meredith and Salem to assist in a review of all town services. MRI Associate Timothy Pickel will serve as project manager and work with Selectmen Michael Lamarre, Christine Deane and Brenda Bergeron.

MRI will facilitate several sessions with selectmen, department heads, town employees and appointed officials to identify areas of concern and those requiring special focus.

As part of this process, the computer-based “Results Lab” system will be used, with up to 15 laptop computers connected to a server with software designed to capture, organize, consider and prioritize individual thoughts and ideas quickly and anonymously.
The results of the study will be given to town officials as a final written report with findings and recommendations.