Apps that can streamline construction jobs

There are now mobile solutions for everything from budget management to sharing AutoCAD drawings

The most indispensable tool on a construction site is no longer a tape measure or a level. Smartphones are now essential for contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Today’s devices provide access to a wide variety of apps and services that can help streamline projects and improve efficiency for anyone managing a construction project.

With most construction pros using their devices for work on a daily basis, there are now mobile solutions for everything from fleet management to jobsite security monitoring. Here are five of the most useful apps that U.S. Cellular recommends construction pros be aware of:

Handyman Calculator (free)

This app, available for Android phones, combines a multitude of construction calculators and converters that are useful to any construction or trade worker. This free app also allows you to track your time spent on a project from anywhere and save it directly onto your device’s notepad.

​iHandy Carpenter ($1.99)

iHandy Carpenter, available for iOS and Android, combines five valuable carpentry tools into one app. Included in the app is a plumb bob level, surface level, bubble level bar, ruler and protractor. From measuring to leveling, iHandy Carpenter has all the tools you’ll need for your next carpentry project.

​PlanGrid (free)

PlanGrid for iOS is a powerful collaboration tool for construction managers and contractors that can help you make sure the job gets done on time and under budget. Contractors and architects can work together on project plans, specifications and photos in real time. Files that are uploaded to the app are also automatically synced across all devices. These tools can improve the quality, safety and profitability of projects.

AutoCAD 360 (free)

AutoCAD 360 is a drawing and drafting app available for iOS and Android that allows you to view, edit and share AutoCAD drawings. You can store your blueprints on your phone and pull them up anywhere, even on the jobsite. It also allows seamless sharing with others across desktop and mobile platforms, speeding up collaboration and in turn, productivity.

Contractor Estimate & Invoice (free)

Available for both iOS and Android, Contractor Estimate & Invoice instantly creates invoices on the jobsite. This app streamlines estimating and invoicing saving valuable time and money that usually spent catching up on paperwork. You can also save key customer information, convert estimates directly to invoices and track invoice fulfillment all in one place.

When using your device on a job site or renovating at home, it’s important to make sure it’s properly protected. Rugged cases such as the OtterBox Defender help protect phones from debris and moisture. 

Mobile apps are a great tool for reducing backlogs and communication gaps, two of the biggest culprits in construction project delays. Construction firms and contractors have plenty of ways stay up to date on the latest developments in mobile technology to help make sure they have all the tools they need to get their jobs do 

Matt Kasper is director of sales for U.S. Cellular in New England.

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