APD launches business health initiative

Alice Peck Day Health Systems in Lebanon has unveiled a new initiative that it says is aimed at improving health outcomes and lowering costs for businesses and other employers in the Upper Valley.

A new department, Business Health and Therapies, has been created that will incorporate four existing departments at APD, including Rehabilitation, Occupational Health, Sleep Health and Cardio-Pulmonary services.

“Our goal is to provide a single place where Upper Valley employers and employees can go for health care services that can reduce the likelihood of workplace injury, and ensure that employees are able to return to work as soon as possible after an injury or other health issue,” said Susan E. Mooney, CEO of APD. “We believe the integration of these services into one department will make it easier to access and cheaper to use by Upper Valley employers — all of which fits with our focus on improving quality, lowering costs, and expanding access to healthcare” she said.

The department of Business Health and Therapies will be led by Joshua Roylance, a trained physical therapist with more than 10 years of experience in the management and operation of outpatient rehabilitation clinics.

“Our goal is to see improved communication between physicians and therapists, which will result in better outcomes and quality of life for our patients,” Roylance said.

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