Another ‘scam’ by elected officials

To the editor:

The June 26-July 9 issue has an article on page 14 about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (“RGGI compromise falls flat in committee”).

The tax was sold to the public by assuring us that the money was to go to improving energy efficiency in low-income housing. As the article points out, the fund was raided. In a previous article, it was noted that the income was some $20 million or so and $2-3 million was taken for budget-balancing. The weatherization program is sorely behind schedule for lack of funds. One can’t do much statewide with $450,000.

My most recent electricity bill was for 272 KWh, for which I was charged 90 cents, which fluctuates with usage.

Nowhere on the bill do I see a credit of any amount, not even the 1-cent mentioned.

New Hampshire citizens have been scammed again by our elected officials.

Donald Bradley

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