An open letter to Judd Gregg and John Sununu

Hey, out there in Washington! Remember us, your constituents in New Hampshire? The people you’re supposed to represent?

Think you might actually consider – and act on – OUR views, wishes and interests? Think you might stop repeating “yes” to President Bush long enough to listen to us here in New Hampshire?

How about coming home to New Hampshire for a series of town hall meetings with us, so that we can tell you our views on the vastly unpopular Bush agenda that you keep pushing on us against our will? A letter in the local newspapers detailing your historical positions on the environment doesn’t cut it. This is New Hampshire, and you need to show up in person.

Have the courage to stand up in front of the New Hampshire citizens who elected you and explain why you favor destruction of national treasures like ANWR for paltry amounts of oil; support the Credit Card Welfare Act (aka Bankruptcy Act) that will send constituents devastated by family tragedies to the poorhouse; support an immoral budget that enables the wealthiest Americans to evade even more of their fair share of taxes while cutting essential programs and services for most of your constituents; support destruction of the Social Security safety net through privatization, though that will reduce our benefits and explode the deficit, without solving the upcoming shortfall, and though 70 percent of New Hampshire people oppose it.

We’re sure you have the moral courage to explain yourselves in person to the constituents whose trust you betrayed.

Gail Mitchell

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