An open letter on the Bethlehem landfill

To the editor:

I would like to apologize for Mr. Goldstein’s behavior — he does not represent the citizens of Bethlehem. (See “Gov., legislators must fix our waste system,” by Seth Goldstein, March 14-27 New Hampshire Business Review.) As a matter of fact he was recently defeated for the position on the selectboard — he came in third in a field of four.

The people of Bethlehem in this last election have said to Seth Goldstein and his kind, “No more.” No more lies about the landfill. No more refusing to negotiate with the landfill. No more futile legal battles against the landfill. No more ridiculing and intimidating our community or our citizens.

Contrary to Mr. Goldstein’s belief it is not the landfill that is destroying our town. It is Mr. Goldstein and those that believe like him, those who are so brainwashed that they cannot for one moment think about the benefits that the town should have been receiving from the landfill and about the future benefits even after it closes, such as electricity, and wildlife refuge, sports complex, etc.

How dare Mr. Goldstein judge our elected officials, DES and all the public servants who work so hard to protect the people of New Hampshire.

The people of Bethlehem have spoken and they are not saying what Seth Goldstein wants you to believe.

Rose Israel

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