The following are school lunch menus for the week of Dec. 8.


MONDAY: Papa Gino’s pizza, green beans, fruit salad or fruit juice.

TUESDAY: Chicken drummies with seasoned pasta, garden salad, juicy peaches or fruit juice.

WEDNESDAY: Cheeseburger on roll, oven fries, cool pears or fruit juice.

THURSDAY: Baked ham, cranberry sauce, whipped potatoes, strawberry shortcake.

FRIDAY: Waffle sticks, sausage, maple syrup, orange juice and fresh apples.

Weekly alternate meal: Chicken patty on soft roll, chips, vegetable and fruit of the day.


MONDAY: Chicken tenders boat with coleslaw or individual pizza, oven fries.

TUESDAY: Tuscany bread or assorted subs, garden salad.

WEDNESDAY: Ultimate nachos with salsa and sour cream or assorted cold subs, Mexican kernel corn.

THURSDAY: Domino’s pizza or B.L.T. sub, vegetable sticks with dip.

FRIDAY: Toasted cheese sandwich or cheeseburger on bun with cup of soup, chips, vegetables.


MONDAY: Chicken nuggets with seasoned pasta and dinner roll or tuna salad on rye bread with pickles and chips, house vegetables.

TUESDAY: Philly cheese steak sub with peppers and onions or American chop suey, garlic bread, oven fries.

WEDNESDAY: Roasted chicken with gravy, whipped potatoes, sweet peas and dinner roll or meatball sub with mozzarella cheese, strawberry shortcake with topping.

THURSDAY: Ultimate nachos with salsa and sour cream or roasted turkey sub with lettuce and tomato, kernel corn.

FRIDAY: Domino’s pizza or turkey and cheese sub, garden salad.

Hollis/Brookline co-op

MONDAY: Chicken nuggets, pita bread, green beans, applesauce, milk.

TUESDAY: Hot dog on a roll, coleslaw, orange, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Little Caesar’s pizza or egg salad roll, breadstick, peas, pears, milk.

THURSDAY: Steak and cheese sub, pretzels, lettuce and tomato, pineapple, milk.

FRIDAY: Turkey and gravy, stuffing, baked potato, fruit crisp, milk.


MONDAY: Chicken burger, whole kernel corn, pineapple chunks, milk.

TUESDAY: Apple juice, meatball sub, hot carrots, chocolate pudding, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Macaroni and cheese, green beans, bread and butter, awesome apricots, milk.

THURSDAY: Tomato vegetable soup, tuna sandwich, chips and pickles, peach crisp with topping, milk. (Thursday and Friday menus are opposite for Alvirne.)

FRIDAY: Juice, Domino’s pizza, salad with dressing, assorted desserts, milk.


MONDAY: Cheeseburger (or pizza at LMS), french fries, fruit, cake, milk.

TUESDAY: Bagel and cream cheese (or egg salad roll at LMS), yogurt, veggie sticks, fruit, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Grilled cheese sandwich (or tuna roll at LMS), soup, vegetable sticks, fruit, milk.

THURSDAY: Tacos with beef and cheese, lettuce and tomato (or meat and cheese roll at LMS), cornbread, fruit, milk.

FRIDAY: Pizza (or assorted sandwiches at LMS), corn, fresh fruit, milk.


MONDAY: Chicken patty on roll, tater tots, fruit crisp, milk.

TUESDAY: Ravioli with spaghetti sauce, garlic bread, vegetables, fruit, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, vegetable sticks, pudding, milk.

THURSDAY: Soft tacos with shredded cheese, beef, lettuce and tomato, salsa, sour cream, cornbread, fruit, milk.
FRIDAY: Pizza pockets or chicken nuggets, rice, vegetables, fruit, milk.


MONDAY: French toast sticks with ham or sliced turkey sandwich, carrot sticks, raisins, applesauce.

TUESDAY: Cheese and pepperoni pizza or tuna fish sandwich, vegetarian beans, carrot sticks, diced pears.

WEDNESDAY: Egg McMuffins or bologna and cheese sandwich, potato puffs, raisins, Jell-O.

THURSDAY: Chicken nuggets or egg salad sandwich, green beans, whole wheat bread, fresh oranges.

FRIDAY: Roast chicken or ham and cheese sandwich, whole wheat bread, whole kernel corn, pineapple tidbits.


MONDAY: Teriyaki chicken nuggets and rice, pineapple, oriental vegetables.

TUESDAY: Cheeseburger on a roll, french fries, fruit salad.

WEDNESDAY: Pancake bites, sausage patty, juice, fruit mix.

THURSDAY: Meatballs with breadstick, garden salad, applesauce cup.

FRIDAY: Pizza, fresh fruit, vegetables.


MONDAY: Chicken nuggets or Mexican pizza, carrots, pears, milk.

TUESDAY: Foodee’s pizza or Steak Ums sandwich with lettuce and tomato, vegetable, fruit, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Meatball pizza, vegetable, fruit, milk.

THURSDAY: Pepperoni pizza or vegetable soup with Gogurt, fruit, milk.

FRIDAY: Chicken burger or steak special pizza, vegetable, fruit, milk.


MONDAY: Hot dog roll or clam roll, french fries, fruit, milk.roll, french fries, fruit, milk.

TUESDAY: Salad bar or beef ravioli, vegetable, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Foodee’s pizza, fruit, milk.

THURSDAY: Shake ‘N Bake chicken, potato, vegetable, milk.

FRIDAY: Mexican meat pie or hot ham and cheese roll, french fries, fruit, milk.


MONDAY: Strudel, cereal, fruit, milk.

TUESDAY: French toast sticks, fruit, milk.

WEDNESDAY: No breakfast, delayed opening.

THURSDAY: Plain bagel, fruit, milk.

FRIDAY: Yogurt, cereal, milk.


MONDAY: Chicken Fryz, green beans, soft pretzel, apricots or juice, milk.

TUESDAY: Hamburger on bun, lettuce, tomato, pickles, oven fries, fruit, juice and veggie bar, Splashberry cereal snacks, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Mozzarella cheese sticks with sauce, baby carrots, fruit or juice, garlic bread, milk.

THURSDAY: Taco boat with meat, cheese, lettuce, salsa, rice, fresh fruit or juice, milk.

FRIDAY: Cheese pizza, veggie, fruit and juice bar, ice cream sandwich, milk.


MONDAY: Bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter.

TUESDAY: Pancakes with syrup.

WEDNESDAY: Scrambled eggs and toast.

THURSDAY: Hot oatmeal cereal with raisins and brown sugar.

FRIDAY: Bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter.

Note: Orange juice and milk and alternate choice of cereal and toast also served every day.

New Ipswich MIDDLE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL Not available MASCENIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS New Ipswich, Greenville, Mason Not available Pelham/Windham ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS

MONDAY: Steamed hot dog on roll or bologna sandwich, oven fries, fruit, milk.

TUESDAY: Chicken nuggets or sliced turkey sandwich, mashed potato, vegetable, roll and butter, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Turkey with gravy or bologna sandwich, mashed potato, vegetable, roll and butter, cranberry sauce, milk.

THURSDAY: Spaghetti with or without meat sauce or ham sandwich, vegetable, Italian bread and butter, fruit, milk.

FRIDAY: Pizza or tuna sandwich, salad, fruit, milk.


MONDAY: Beef ‘n bean burrito with salsa, Spanish rice, corn, fruit, milk.

TUESDAY: Lasagna with garlic bread, side salad with dressing, fruit, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Beef ‘n bacon patty on bun with lettuce and tomato, fruit, milk, cookie.

THURSDAY: Low fat chicken nuggets on roll, mashed potato, fruit, milk.

FRIDAY: Foot long hot dog on roll, coleslaw, green beans, fruit, milk.


MONDAY: Beef ‘n bean burrito with salsa or pizza, milk.

TUESDAY: Lasagna with garlic bread or spicy chicken patty on bun, milk.

WEDNESDAY: Beef ‘n bacon patty on bun, deli bar, milk.

THURSDAY: Low fat chicken nuggets on roll, chef’s salad, or club sandwich, milk.

FRIDAY: Foot long hot dog on roll or WLC pizza specials, milk.

Note: Salad/pasta/fruit/protein bar also served every day.