Advise and consent

Richard Brothers, a 45-year-old Campton resident who’s described as a “part-time health care adviser” to Governor Benson, has decided that he wants to give it another shot in trying to retire his fellow Republican, Sen. Carl Johnson of Meredith.

Brothers, who is challenging Johnson in a primary for the District 2 seat in a rematch of their 2002 contest, says one of the main reasons he’s taking on the senator is Johnson’s vote in favor of the latest school-funding law. That’s the one that brought back the specter of donor towns – a number of which are in District 2..

All well and good. But if Brothers is angry about the school-funding law, why bother with one of the “aye” votes? go after the guy who drummed up the other 12 – his part-time advisee, Benson.

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