About The New Hampshire Business Review

The New Hampshire Business Review is the only statewide business newspaper in the Granite State. Now in its 25th year of publication, the biweekly Business Review has long been seen by readers and advertisers as the most respected source of business information, news, features and advice in New Hampshire.

Packed with in-depth reporting on important business trends and issues, each issue of the Business Review features a comprehensive review of the latest news from companies throughout the state, entertaining features on business and politics and informative special sections, including monthly focuses on real estate and construction, high tech, the legal industry and health care.

The Business Review has won numerous state, regional and national awards, including First Place for General Excellence in the 2004 New England Press Association awards competition. Also honored by NEPA in 2004 was Business Review’s Bob Sanders, cited for the quality of his reporting as one of the paper’s staff writers.

The paper also has won a special Commissioner’s Award for Media Excellence from the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development for the publication’s long-standing efforts on behalf of economic development.

In addition, Business Review editor Jeff Feingold was named the 2003 National Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration as well as the SBA’s New England Small Business Journalist of the Year and New Hampshire Small Business Journalist of the Year.

NHBR’s 50,000 significant and influential readers range from sole proprietors to CEOs and other top executives of large publicly held corporations to key government decision-makers.

The newspaper covers in its in-depth regular sections the real estate and construction industry, the high-tech sector, banking, the legal profession, health care, the hospitality industry, and many others. NHBR’s two annual perfect-bound editions – the Book of Lists and Business Services Guide – have been must-reads for years, and they are seen as among the most reliable business reference sources for companies, government agencies and non-profits alike.

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