A ‘wonderful’ step in the transgender conversation

To the editor:

I just finished reading the article, “The transgender journey: The results of Harvard Pilgrim’s learning process,” in the Aug. 21-Sept. 3 NH Business Review and was very impressed, both seeing an article of this nature and reading the content. 

I was, like so many others before me for a long time, not sure how to handle the transgender issue, nor could I get my head around it, until at a dinner party where I was seated next to a transgender woman and had no opportunity to avoid the issue. We became friends and I socialized occasionally with her and her husband. Having moved away, we have lost contact, but I consider it a privilege to have got to known her. 

Bringing this issue to the public eye in this journal is wonderful, and I thank you for making this part of the standard business conversation.

Many years ago, as a HR director, I was able to do something similar for the handling of HIV-positive employees within a European company, developing a policy for both insurance and care, long before the insurance companies had tackled it. 

Diversity, in all forms, is the new normal and I commend you for bringing this to the public eye. One more step forward for humanity in this country and for this state.

Education is the key to moving the dial on public perspective, and this is just one more step in the right direction.

Niall Worn


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