A ’much appreciated’ cost transparency story

To the editor:

Bob Sanders’ article (“A tale of healthcare transparency,” Nov. 9-22 NH Business Review) was a great story! I wish others would share similar stories and expose what’s really going on with healthcare costs.

I am a physical therapist and partner in a group of independent physical therapy practices. We are 26 strong independent practices that are reimbursed about one-half to one-quarter what hospitals are for physical therapy services — and often we are providing twice the care in that visit.

I am sure he saw that on mymedicalshopper.com in your searches. It’s truly crazy how the hospitals own the medical providers, who in turn are “willingly” referring all their patients back to the hospital home base. The system is a self-perpetuated ATM for these guys. 

Mark Galvin is exactly right — the insurance companies need to keep costs high to keep premiums high. Let’s not forget tax revenue off that premium too.

Thanks again for bringing this to the public. Thanks for getting the message out about shopping around for the highest quality and best price. Long overdue. A follow up story on rehab would be welcomed by any and all of the private practitioner physical therapists. Please keep informing. Much appreciated!

Dan Fleury

Vice President

Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network


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