A different view of N.H.

To the editor:
I read NHBR on a regular basis, and every once in awhile I have to write back. The issue I am writing about was in June 4-17 page 18 by Mr. Jonathan P. Baird (“It’s time for N.H. to enter the 21st century”).Mr. Baird started his article talking about his life and how and why he ended up for many years in New Hampshire. There are many thousands of people who move here because of what they see and like in New Hampshire. He goes on to talk about his role in government and praises some of the people in it.Then he talks about the budget and how we need to raise more revenues to balance it. And New Hampshire must move into the modern era to achieve this. He proceeds to blast anti-tax people as well as conservatives and the like. Blaming us for a few things, including subprime mortgages.This made me furious for many reasons. First, all of the people that moved to New Hampshire did so because of low taxes and a free environment, not to be saddle down with the so-called regulations. Second, the issues he raised with subprime loans if he were to check were done because of Democrats and progressives.We don’t need to raise more money we need to stop spending on programs the working people of New Hampshire have to pay for. Lower government’s pay and stop regulating companies to death. We need to help people who are truly suffering and not try to save a spotted owl over a hungry human being. This country is headed down a bad path and it’s time Americans woke up to what is happening.

Michael J. Provencher Sr.
Bocra Industries

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