2016 Business Excellence Winner: Wendy Tirollo of TRM Microwave

Wendy Tirollo, president, CEO and owner of TRM Microwave in Bedford, is the 2016 Business Excellence winner in the manufacturing category for a small organization


Photo by Jodie Andruskevich

Nominated by: Liz Morris of TRM Microwave

Wendy’s career at TRM began in 1994, after moving to New Hampshire from Orlando, Florida, where she had been an office manager in the stock brokerage, securities and accounting industries.

Starting as a project administrator, Wendy managed the quality certification process before transitioning to HR where she was swiftly promoted to HR director.

After 10 years in the leadership role, TRM founder and Wendy’s husband Tony Tirollo asked her to consider a position in senior management. Wendy spent five years under Tony’s mentorship and in 2010 became CEO and president.

To be sure, there were challenges along the way. Even with 16 years of company experience, Wendy had to overcome the obstacle of being taken seriously in meetings and face-to-face communications. She had to establish appropriate expectations, mend fences and find her voice and management style.

But in the last two years, Tony’s health began to decline, and what was once shared duties become solely Wendy’s responsibilities in addition to taking on the caretaker role 24/7.

And Wendy rose to meet the ever-constant demands of running a high-technology corporation, working long hours to ensure goals and deadlines were met.

Since Tony’s passing in May, Wendy has been personally and professionally dedicated to implementing the legacy plan — a long-term success strategy she and Tony established together.

Wendy wants her management legacy to be ensuring employees genuinely enjoy their careers and feel like they are part of a successful team. Last year, Wendy founded the Wellness Committee, to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Wendy also is working to expand TRM Microwave’s brand awareness through speaking with Fox Business News and Bloomberg to discuss industry topics. She is currently producing a video for the show “Talk Business 360,” which will be featured on American Airlines in-flight service, starting on all flights in early 2017 – just another way to tell the world about what is being made here in New Hampshire.

Left to right: NH Business Review Editor Jeff Feingold, Wendy Tirollo of TRM Microwave and McLean Communications Publisher Sharron McCarthy.
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