NHBR Business Excellence Awards Judging Criteria


Entry rules and suggestions:

-Previous winners are ineligible for two years since the last award-winning entry.
-Judges reserve the right, based on the criteria, not to name a winner in particular category.

-Supporting documentation is not required, but highly recommended.

Judging Criteria:

Each criterion is worth 1 to 5 points for a maximum total score of 40 points.


Focus on the energy of the individual and what they are doing above and beyond to carve out a niche in his or her market.

Innovation / Vision / Creativity:

What makes this person's thinking unique? Has his/her decision making illustrated creativity? Is he/she an industry leader?

Employee and Customer Relations:

This could be a new program implemented to help employees or an extenuating circumstance for an individual. Applicants should reference something they have done to help a customer in a unique situation or some new way they are working with clients to better serve their needs. Low employee turnover and special programs like flex time or a unique work environment would address this section.

Achievements / Accomplishments:

Has he/she received any awards, citations from political figures, referrals from clients, community awards? This could be anything like earning a superlative in his/her field, "going green" with the company, landing a major client, starting a new division, opening another location, etc.

Overcoming Adversity or Competition:

In today's tough economy, this could be the story of how a small company is surviving. He/she may have had to expand on new programs or get creative on introducing a new service or product to the market in order to avoid downsizing and save jobs. It could be a "come back" story of facing a personal or professional hardship. Some businesses are in extremely competitive markets and how they are distinguishing themselves could be the compelling story.

Overall success of company or organization:

Nominations should support financial growth or reputation in the business community.

Dedication to chosen profession:

This should explain the individual's passion or reason for choosing his/her field of expertise. Why is he/she doing what they do? What was his/her source of motivation to work in this discipline or field? Is the nominee involved with any trade organizations or otherwise promoting his/her industry?

Community involvement:

This runs the gamut and could include things like: sitting on a board of a nonprofit, coaching children or adults, being active in local politics and implementing a program to better the community (maybe building a park or a recycling center), volunteerism or charitable work - this could be either professional or personal time donated to help others.

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