York IE launches new practice to aid startups

Aimed at helping ‘reshape how startups are built, scaled and monetized’
Kyle York

Kyle York, CEO and co-founder of York IE

Manchester-based York IE an advisory, investment and operational growth firm, has launched a startup services practice designed to meet the varied and unique needs of entrepreneurs.

“The current services that help startups grow are either too expensive, inaccessible, laggard or out-of-touch with what startups’ need – speed, urgency and accountability to outcomes,” Kyle York, CEO and co-founder of York IE. “We are building a vertically integrated next-generation company to help reshape how startups are built, scaled and monetized.”

He added that the company’s services are designed as a response to a one-size-fits-all engagement model that doesn’t work because each startup has unique problems and needs.

Among the services being offered:

  • Market and product strategy
  • Business growth strategy
  • Marketing and communications services

York IE’s clients include portfolio companies uConnect, Datanomix, Thundra, Forcivity, WEVO and Blustream.

The firm has named Katelyn Campbell, a longtime PR to lead the services practice as a vice president of York IE. Prior to joining York IE, she spent a decade at PAN Communications in Boston.

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