Workshop series to promote workplace equity in New Hampshire

NH Businesses for Social Responsibility urges employers, employees to participate

Racial EquityThe NH Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge, a four-week series of virtual workshops to encourage and support Granite State employers and employees in creating more equitable workplaces and communities, is being launched in January by New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, in partnership with the Diversity Workforce Coalition.

The Learning Challenge series, which begins Monday, Jan. 18, will include:

  • A discussion of how racism is manifested at the individual, interpersonal, organization and systemic levels
  • Insights into New Hampshire history and current developments relating to racial equity
  • A review of local resources and individuals working on issues related to race to help participants by supporting, amplifying and complementing the work of the Learning Challenge

The program will also feature weekly discussions among participants to allow them to reflect and consider how they can take action and invest resources in effective ways.

The dialogue will be by an advisory committee of experts from around New Hampshire with experience in helping organizations address racial equity, Members include Beth Tener of New Directions Collaborative, Talmira Hill of TL Hill Group, Bill Maddocks of Bill Maddocks Consulting, James McKim of Organizational Ignition, Jermaine Moore of The Mars Hill Group and Tina Sharby of the Diversity Workforce Coalition.

Michelle Veasey, executive director of NHBSR, said the organization is inviting all levels of participation is encouraging teams to register to join the challenge together and support each other in creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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