Wood pellets added to state’s fuel list

With growing numbers of New Hampshire homes, businesses, schools and municipalities using wood pellets for heat, the state Office of Energy and Planning has added the price of pellets to the list of heating fuels whose price it tracks.The price of residential bulk delivered wood pellets is now included along with oil, gas, wood and other energy sources. The information is derived from a survey of five companies that provide bulk pellet delivery service in New Hampshire.This week, the site (nh.gov/oep) lists the cost of 1 million BTUs of heat by source as: natural gas, $13.50; cordwood, $17.50; wood pellets, $18.03; , No. 2 heating oil, $34.97; kerosene, $39.56; electricity, $41.50; and propane, $46.86. — NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW&n

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