Wine wisdom

Most of us are stymied when faced with the monolithic walls of wine bottles at the grocery store or the state liquor shop. It gets even worse if you attempt to go to one of the very few wine cellars around the state.

Not so at Jacqueline’s Fine Wines Etc. in Suncook. This pocket-sized wine cellar is tucked away in a former flooring showroom just 11 feet wide, but boasts nearly 50 different wines — and no pretentious air anywhere.

“We’re here to guide people in selecting a wine,” says owner and self-taught oenophile Jacqueline Hanna. “Even the price tags have a description of what the wine tastes like.”

And speaking of price tags, Hanna doesn’t currently stock anything over $30. “Most of the people we’ve talked to aren’t interested in an $80 bottle of wine,” she says. However, she is quick to point out she can order anything the State of New Hampshire Liquor Commission stocks. “I can have it here in two days.”

She also will be stocking wines from New Hampshire’s two wineries, Jewell Towne and Flag Hill.

And, if you don’t know your Cabernet Sauvignon from your Sauvignon Blanc, Jacqueline’s has periodic wine tastings. In addition to selling wine-related gift items, such as glasses and gift bags, Jacqueline’s also can create personalized wine labels right there in the store.
For more information, call 268-0066 or visit – CK

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