Town closes road for construction

LYNDEBOROUGH – Selectmen have closed Old Temple Road West to all traffic through the construction area around the old stone arch bridges.

The road will be closed until further notice.

Selectman Dwight Sowerby said the closing was a precaution.

“There is nothing wrong with the arches,” he said. A new bypass bridge is under construction.

The stone bridges have been restricted to passenger cars for a number of years, but residents have reported many truck drivers ignoring the signs.

The only other route into the area is over Pettingill Hill, a longer route over a steep, winding dirt road.

“With more people in the area, that (truck) traffic could be observed,” Sowerby said, noting that Wednesday morning a truck loaded with logs was seen crossing the bridges.

“With the vibrations from the construction, we decided to go with prudence,” Sowerby said. “We don’t want someone ending up in the river.”

Several area residents were not pleased with the sudden closing, however, having had to turn around at the Route 31 end.

They said it would have been better for the town to post a sign ahead of time warning that the road would be closed because there was no immediate emergency.