They said it…

“It does show that people take elections seriously, and they want to win. In a warped way, that’s a positive thing, I suppose.” – University of New Hampshire pollster Andy Smith finds the glass half full when it comes to the apparently fraudulent letter sent targeting gubernatorial candidate John Lynch a week before the primary.

“If she was hit by a car, she wouldn’t be joking about it. Here, she broke her arm, but she could be dead.” – Sen. Frank Sapareto, sponsor of a bill that would bar criminal charges against bicyclists who are riding under the influence, dismisses an incident involving New Hampshire radio talk show host Arnie Arnesen, who broke her arm when she was struck by a drunken bicyclist while crossing a New York City street.

“For the kind of job I do, as long as my mouth is working, then I’m all set.” – Arnie Arnesen, thankful that her injury was limited to her left arm.

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