Suspicious package a little chicken

NASHUA – A suspicious package found by a resident at a local condominium complex Wednesday afternoon turned out to be chicken surprise after members of the city’s bomb squad blew it up with a water cannon.

The large plastic foam container filled with raw chicken parts was discovered by a resident at a mail area at the Glen Abbey condominium complex on West Minster Drive shortly after 12:30 p.m., police and fire officials said.

The resident became concerned and called 911, after examining the container and noticing that it was taped up with no address or other identifying markings on it, fire officials said.

Fire and police crews responded to the complex, roped off the area, and after a preliminary investigation called in the Nashua Police Hazardous Device Unit.

Members of the unit first electronically scanned the package, then later hit it with powerful blast of water, which exploded the poultry-filled container, police and fire officials said.

No one was hurt in the incident and emergency crews cleared the complex at about3 p.m.