Study: N.H. ‘most economically buoyant’ state

A report by eBay puts New Hampshire at the top of the list for places with hot job markets.eBay Classifieds, a subsidiary of the online marketplace and auction site, compiled a map of the country of the states that are the best places to find employment.”New Hampshire has the lowest crime rates in the country, the fourth lowest unemployment rates, and the ninth highest personal income per capita, making it the most economically buoyant state in the country,” said the analysts.eBay Classifieds used data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, CQ Press, PayScale and other sources to conduct its study.Other states that placed favorably for their good job markets were Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming.In New England, Rhode Island and Connecticut were cited for high personal incomes – Connecticut is the nation’s highest – but high unemployment rates detracted from the positives.Massachusetts, too, had high personal income, but had relatively high levels of unemployment in February of 8.2 percent, although that was still below the nation’s average of 9.4 percent.Maine ranked in the middle of the pack as well, largely because of its below-average annual personal income of $37,500. However, it had the fourth lowest crime rate in the country.With the nation’s the fifth highest unemployment rate, the third highest crime rate, and the fourth lowest per capita income, eBay Classifieds named South Carolina as the most economically distressed state.To view a copy of the report, visit — CINDY KIBBE/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW

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