Skills shortage: Check your resume

You know that companies are hiring again, but there you sit, thick in the middle of a job hunt, and you’re getting no bites from eager employers.

What’s the deal?

It might be a good idea to check your resume.

In a study of more than 160,000 resumes, found that nearly half of job hunters’ resumes were irritatingly vague about their skills.

Apparently, among the nation’s job-seekers there are far too many “team players” with “organizational skills” who are “driven” and “results-oriented.” The trouble is, those buzz words tell a potential employer nothing about what you can really do, or how you do it, said Brad Fredericks, a partner at the Vermont-based

“Many job-seekers fail to realize that phrases like ‘team player’ and ‘problem-solver’ have become vague clichés. On your resume, you actually need to state what team you played for and which problems you solved,” he said.

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