School’s books to get routine audit

LYNDEBOROUGH – The board of the Central School has agreed that the school’s books should be audited, something that apparently has not been done in anyone’s memory.

The school’s accounts, except for an activity fund, are kept by the School Administrative Unit 63 office.

“A small district should be done periodically,” Assistant Superintendent Carolanne Wais said. “It would be helpful for the board to know the process.”

She said the activities account should also be audited.

The audit would include all of the various grants to be sure they are being properly used.

The cost of the audit would be about $1,500 to $2,000, Wais said.

The board agreed the audit should be done and will include the cost in next year’s budget.

Wais said spring is the best time for the audit to be done, as far as the SAU office is concerned.