Republicans host Oktoberfest

MANCHESTER – The Hillsborough County Republican Committee is hosting an Oktoberfest starting at noon at the Manchester County Club on October 16. Keith Herman, aide to Gov. Benson, will be the master of ceremonies for a second time. There will be a band to provide a festive atmosphere. Dance, eat and raise a stein to our representatives. Gov. Craig Benson along with Sen. Judd Gregg, Rep. Jeb Bradley, and Rep.Charlie Bass will be there. Many of the county delegation will also attend. Sheriff Jim Hardy, and county commissioners Carol Holden and Rhona Charbonneau will also attend. Don’t miss your chance to meet, greet and question the people who make Hillsborough County and New Hampshire work.

Oktoberfest will be at the Manchester County Club in Bedford on Saturday, October 16. Take a Saturday morning drive through New Hampshire’s beautiful fall foliage and join us for lunch. The festivities will begin at noon. For more information or tickets call Gerrie Porter 673-4892, Ken Hawkin 472-8270 or Jim Carew 464-3245.