Pro Con completes Wiggins expansion

A fourth, 23,240-square-foot hangar accommodates general

Wiggins Airways’ new $3 million expansion that adds a fourth hangar to the general aviation facility at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Pro Con Inc. was the architect and construction manager for project, which is used for aircraft storage.

The 23,240-square-foot hangar can accommodate various types of general aviation equipment.

The pre-engineered hangar has exterior metal panels and a pitched metal roof. The Norco Stack hangar door system measures 28-foot high by 114-foot wide to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft.  The floor of the hangar will be coated with a high gloss white, non-slip floor finish.

Metal clips and expansion joints allow the new hanger to be physically connected to the existing building, while permitting the buildings to expand or contract up to two inches for thermal movement and enable the firewalls to be freestanding.  An internal corridor allows Wiggins Airways’ employees to pass from the hangars to the terminal building without having to go outdoors.

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