Personal bankruptcies increase slightly in July

152 filings results in 26 percent increase from June

There was a slight uptick in bankruptcies for July, bringing the total this year to more than a thousand, but that is still behind last year’s rate.  

Some 152 households and businesses filed for bankruptcy in July — 33 (or 26 percent) more than in June, and 11 (8 percent) more than July 2017.  In fact, it was higher than July 2016, though still much lower than in July 2010, when 473 filed, more than three times as much.

There were 1035 filings year to date, an average of 148 a month, about three percent less than in 2017, the first year bankruptcies went up since the recession. Bankruptcies declined 9 percent in 2016, and went down by double digits in each of the previous five years.

There were three business related filings in July compared to nine in June and seven in May.

But two out of the three filings last month were household filings with business related debt. That left one business that filed as a business, as was the case in June.

The voluntary filing was: 

  • Nelson Enterprises, LLC, dba Nibblesworth, Portsmouth, 7/11, Chapter 7. Assets: $18,430. Liabilities: $729,187.
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