Patent infringement suit filed against iCAD

Nashua-based iCAD Inc. is the target of a patent infringement suit filed by an Israeli corporation that markets and commercializes technology emerging from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science.Yeda Research and Development Company alleges that iCAD — which makes cancer-detection systems — infringed on seven patents filed by a Weizmann professor that were originally licensed through 3TP LLC, a company that later changed its name to CAD Sciences, based in White Plains, N.Y.The professor provided CAD with information from clinical trials, which were later used by CAD in its submissions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market its products.The FDA approved the products in 2003, but Yeda claims CAD breached the 2002 contracts and terminated that agreement in 2007.In June 2008, iCAD purchased the assets of CAD Sciences for $5 million in cash and stock.The complaint alleges iCAD continued to market and develop products based on the patent and used it to develop a number of products, including CADvue, VersaVue Enterprise, VeraLook, SpectraLook, VividLook and OmniLook, according to the complaint.CADvue and VersaVue Enterprise are viewing softwares. VeraLook is used to analyze colonographies.SpectraLook, VividLook and OmniLook are software products that are used in diagnosing magnetic resonance images of breast cancer, prostate cancer and cancer in other organs, according to iCAD’s annual report.The financial report did not detail the company’s revenue from these products.iCAD earned $6.3 million in the first quarter of 2012, 14 percent less than the same quarter of the previous year. The company lost $2.3 million during that quarter, or about 4 cents a share.iCAD had no comment on the suit. — BOB SANDERS/THE LOBBY

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