NH’s first zero-waste grocery store opens in Bedford

Local grocery store helps drive change for eliminating plastics and other non-recyclable materials

Live Free Refillery opened its doors Aug. 10 with a new way of selling groceries: without single-use packaging. The store features reusable containers, such as glass mason jars, where customers can fill up on nuts, whole grains, seeds, rices, beans, coffee, teas, spices, and laundry and dish soap.

Any packaging that is used is made with reusable, recyclable or biodegradable materials in order to fulfill the company’s vision of a healthier environment and community.

According to the company’s website, Juliette Buell started the business after 15 years of working agriculture, focusing now on driving change to control the foods we eat and products we use.

The grocery store operates by inviting customers to bring their own sanitized container to fill up on products that can be bought in bulk, weighed in the store and purchased as often or as little as they want. Jars purchased in the store can also be returned for a deposit or reused for future grocery orders.

“We can drive change by supporting agriculture that doesn’t harm the environment but works with it, and we can reduce our use of disposable items and products with chemical additives,” Buell wrote on the website. “By offering a diverse selection of dry goods, we cater to a range of dietary preferences and provide you with the necessary ingredients to create healthy, homemade meals while minimizing your ecological footprint.”

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