NH Legal Assistance launches housing discrimination website

Fair Housing Project site provides resources, support

Equal Housing LogoNew Hampshire Legal Assistance’s Fair Housing Project has launched a website to help victims of housing discrimination.

The site, fairhousing-nh.org, provides information on housing protections and available resources. Combined with a social media campaign, the NHLA aims to raise awareness of fair housing challenges and help that is available to victims of housing discrimination.

The website features information about what qualifies as housing discrimination and examples of the more common forms of housing discrimination in New Hampshire. According to the Fair Housing Project, the most common housing discrimination complaints in the state are made by people with disabilities. Issues range from refusal to rent because of an assistance animal to refusing reasonable modifications that allow people to fully use and enjoy their home.

“Our main goal with this project, and the new campaign, is to let people know that these housing discrimination problems do exist here in New Hampshire and that for people experiencing housing discrimination, we’re here to help,” said attorney Lindsay Lincoln of the Fair Housing Project.

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