NH Insurance Department readies online health tool for businesses

New site is designed to help employers make decisions on health coverage

The NH Insurance Department will be launching a new website for businesses trying to navigate the complexities of health insurance.

Despite all the attention paid to getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act, some 58 percent of New Hampshire residents get their coverage though their employers – the second largest percentage in the country.

The department, after talking with businesses, has “put together information that comes up the most when answering questions,” said Maureen Mustard, director of health analytics.

The website is designed to help businesses make such decisions as when it makes the most sense to self-insure. It will also contain a downloadable tool to help businesses pick and choose which small group plan makes the most sense for them, such as how close the provider network is to the workplace, the costs and the deductibles. Employers will also be able to provide information to help their employees, showing what plans they are offering what the open enrollments dates are and so on.

The site will also connect to information from other sources, like how to file a complaint against an insurer over customer service and to find out how financially solvent each carrier is.

The site is expected to go live in mid-October with link on the Insurance Department’s homepage.

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