NH Community Loan Fund President Eades to retire June 30

Over her 36-hear tenure, the fund has aided thousands of disadvantaged people, communities and businesses

 Kh56570 Julie Laughing CroppedJuliana Eades, who built the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund into a nationally recognized lender on behalf of disadvantaged people, communities and businesses, will retire as its president on June 30.

Eades, who was hired in 1984 as the Community Loan Fund’s first employee, said she is “so proud of all the opportunities that people have realized with our capital and training over the last 36 years.”

Since its founding, the organization has lent $350 million for nearly 10,000 affordable housing units, 3,800 jobs and 4,400 childcare spaces in New Hampshire that wouldn’t otherwise have gotten financing.

Under her leadership, the Community Loan Fund also became known nationally for innovation, especially for cooperative ownership of manufactured-home communities, a strong base of individual investors who supply the organization’s loan capital, and job growth through royalty financing for small businesses.

Eades said the 12-week sabbatical she took earlier this year gave her time to reflect on her life and work. During those months, the organization was led by Acting President John Hamilton and a leadership team that steered it not only through the normal course of business but also through the onset of the pandemic-related economic disruptions.

“The Community Loan Fund is in a very stable place, with strong leadership, a great board, excellent staff, and robust strategic direction, making this a graceful time to retire,” Eades said.

Hamilton will continue as acting president as the board creates a process for finalizing the role of president.

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