New-look high school gets public showing

NASHUA – Now that Nashua High School South seniors have returned to their newly renovated building, they’re eager to show it off.

After three years of construction that sent South’s seniors to the north high school last year, the $70 million renovation of the south school is complete.

The school will hold a rededication and ribbon-cutting ceremony Sunday to celebrate the project’s completion and show the facility to the community. There will be an open house from noon to 3 p.m., followed by a program in the new auditorium.

Sunday’s events will be largely student-run. Students will guide the open house tours, the band and concert choir will entertain the audience at the ceremony, and culinary arts and hospitality students will prepare the refreshments.

Jenna O’Brien, the senior class president, and Jen Sassak, the president of the Student Senate, will speak at the program.

Mayor Bernie Streeter, Superintendent Joseph Giuliano, Board of Education president Kim Shaw and representatives from the building committee will also offer remarks about the renovated facility.tered in September shares little more than a street address with the high school that existed before 2001. The renovated structure, designed to accommodate several new programs, boasts spacious, light-filled hallways, a new planetarium, a television studio and a pre-engineering department.

Rebuilding the school was not a simple process. Nashua South had to be renovated one half at a time so the students still in the building had somewhere to learn. Sophomores were the only students who remained in the building while it was under construction, staying in one half while the other was being rebuilt and then switching sides.