New hires remain down through October

The number of new hires reported by New Hampshire employers through the first 10 months of 2009 is about 25 percent lower than last year’s figures over the same period.

Through October, the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security said the state’s employers reported 181,477 new hires, as compared to 243,421 new hires through October 2008.

While July’s numbers were an encouraging sign, with new hires 4 percent off the previous year’s pace, fewer hires were reported in the subsequent months.

According to Employment Security, 12,598 new hires were reported in August, about 46 percent less than the 23,211 reported in August 2008.

In September, there were a total of 21,123 new hires recorded, down nearly 30 percent from 30,043 in September 2008.

The department reported 21,415 new hires in October, again some 20 percent fewer than the 26,887 in October 2008.

The department did say that it has seen an upswing in new-hire filings after it sent out its annual reminder to employers, which this year was on Aug. 18

The department tracks the data monthly through W4 forms submitted by employers, which are required by law to report new-hire information. — CINDY KIBBE/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW

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