New Hampshire bankruptcies up slightly in November

145 individuals and businesses file for protection

If you need any more convincing that the number of bankruptcy filings in New Hampshire has leveled off after sharp post-recession declines, just take a look at November.

Some 145 individuals and businesses filed in November, two more than last November and the same as the November before that.

It was also two more than October, though below the annual average – 154 a month so far, which is four more than last year’s average.

In 2016, personal bankruptcy filings year to date decreased by 9 percent, ending a five-year trend of double-digit declines in filings since the end of the recession. If the trend for 2017 holds through December, it will be the first time bankruptcy filings have increased up since 2010.

But here is the good news: In 2010, 428 individuals and businesses filed for bankruptcy in November.

There were five business failures in November, compared to six in in October, and three of them were individuals that filed due to business-related debt.

That leaves two business entities that filed for bankruptcy in November:

 • Sky-Skan Inc., Nashua, filed Nov. 1, Chapter 11. Assets: $900,713. Liabilities: $6,007,535.

 • Spaulding Ave. Industrial Complex LLC, Rochester, filed Nov. 2, Chapter 11. Assets: $2,057,586. Liabilities: $1,798,433.

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