N.H, Vt. govs on tourism tour

Ever since the economy slumped, there has been a decline in tourism around New Hampshire, but most significantly in the North Country.

That’s why New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch and Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas have begun a tour of the northern parts of their two states in hopes of promoting tourism and economic development.

“We have been looking for ways to give that part of the state a boost,” said Tai Freligh, communications manager of the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development

Colin Manning, Governor Lynch’s press secretary, said that the tour is designed to highlight economic development in New Hampshire’s North Country and Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, as well as other issues.

He said the two governors have been working together to compensate workers laid off from the recently closed Ethan Allen plant in Beecher Falls, Vt. It was one of the biggest employers in the Northeast Kingdom and put 250 people out of work in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

“The national recession impacted all of New Hampshire, but the North Country was struggling to begin with,” said Manning.

The governors’ tour will start in New Hampshire’s North Country, continue into Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, and then return to New Hampshire, promoting tourism along the border between the two states, the Connecticut River.

“The idea of this tour is to highlight the positive improvements being made in the North Country,” said Manning. — LAURA CHAMBERLAIN/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW

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