Monarch School of New England


2022 Goals:

The Monarch School of New England responded to the challenges of these unusual times by remaining true to who we are and what we do. The school’s staff, students and families responded with strength, hope, adaptability and gratitude, working together to keep students with special needs consistently engaged and learning. The school remains more dedicated than ever to providing unlimited possibilities for students with special needs. From this strong foundation, the Monarch School of New England moves forward in 2022 with innovation and commitment to implement new initiatives designed to support the changing needs of the school community, such as the new social-emotional learning curriculum, and to help students with special needs reach their greatest potential.

Fundraising Events:

The Monarch School of New England hosts two fundraising events annually. The MSNE Golf Tournament takes place in May, at the Rochester Country Club. MSNE also hosts the Fall Harvest Festival Mile for Monarch on campus for its students. The Monarch School of New England also welcomes partnerships with local businesses, who host vocational program students for community-based job placements and frequently support the school with financial or in-kind donations as well.

Giving Opportunities:

The Monarch School of New England supports students with special needs to reach their greatest potential. The school is recognized for excellence in academic, therapeutic, functional life skills and vocational programming for students with special needs. The school is grateful for gifts of any size, which benefit the innovative supports and opportunities that put the school’s philosophy into action. Businesses interested in sponsoring a program or portion of the curriculum, such as art or horticultural therapy, are encouraged to reach out to develop a partnership that aligns with their interest and goals. More information about current opportunities to support the school can be found at:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are appreciated to help support the Monarch School of New England’s special fundraising events. Interested potential volunteers should contact the school to explore the possibilities for other service opportunities that would best fit their unique talents, gifts and availability.

Board Officers   /   Board Members

Jean Parsons
(Retired) Special Education Administrator

Timothy Ayer
Vice President

Phillip Curtis
Northeast Planning Associates

Raymond Benoit
RTM Communications

Mike Caron
United Insurance

Mark Currier
Creative Adaptations, Inc.


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