Meeting to discuss bridge’s future

Engineers studying the refurbishment of the Cotton Transfer Bridge over the Nashua River found most of its components in fair condition, but missing several pieces of hardware.

The study looked at converting the truss bridge to a pedestrian walkway over the river in the millyard.

The estimated construction cost to renovate the bridge is $855,000.
The bridge, built around 1902, is now closed.

It sits between the Clocktower Place apartments and the Nashua Corp. building on the north bank of the river. It was used to move raw cotton between the north storage building and the production mill, where the apartments are located.

An extensive stairway and handicap ramps will need to be built to make use of the 164-foot structure. Many of the bridge’s components will need to be replaced.

A meeting is scheduled for Monday at 4:30 p.m. at the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, at 115 Main St., to review the engineering report.