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2023 Goals:

Our goal is to empower youth to advocate for their own well-being by providing learning experiences on media, technology, and healthy communication. We will help children and teens build social-emotional skills and introduce them to strategies they can use to stay safe when interacting in digital spaces. We will facilitate opportunities for young people to practice positive media creation and engage in the causes they care about, such as mental health, substance misuse, violence prevention, healthy relationships, and protecting the environment. We wlll collaborate with our team of student advisors, MPY’s Youth Media Squad, to design programs that continue to reflect their lived experience. In 2023, we are raising funds to expand our media literacy and cyberbullying prevention programs.

Fundraising Events:

Media Power Youth hosts educational events in partnership with organizations across New Hampshire. Follow us on social media for the latest information on workshops and trainings. We also participate in NH Gives, Giving Tuesday and other fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

Giving Opportunities:

Life moves quickly for children and teens grappling with social media and tech devices that are on 24/7. Individual gifts throughout the year help us keep pace with the ever changing social challenges that youth encounter in digital communities that can compromise their well-being. Contributions can be made online at Organizations, families and corporations can also sponsor programs, educational resources and/or operating needs. Contact us at 603-222-1200 to discuss these opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are very much appreciated! There are opportunities to serve on our board of directors, assist with preparing programs, advise youth on advocacy projects and help us build awareness of the learning experiences we offer. If you have a passion for youth development and helping young people navigate our media-driven world, please reach out to us. We’d love to meet you!

Board Officers   /   Board Members

Eric McCambly
Board Chair
4-H Program Manager
University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Donna Onacki
Board Treasurer
Finance Director
Beverly Bootstraps

Vandna Sharma
Board Secretary
Information Technology Developer

Kristen Flaherty
Information Systems
Graduate Student
Cornell University

Stephanie Greenwood
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Kent Goodrow
Account Executive
Systems Engineering

Beatriz Guevara
Program Director

Judith Haskell
Library Director
Hampton Falls Free Library

Katie Jennings
Branch Manager
Bangor Savings Bank

Jeffrey Jolton
News Journalist and Producer

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