Margolin: It’s time for Congress to come together and pass Covid relief

The virus is a longer-term challenge than the CARES Act ever envisioned

Elissa Margolin, executive director of Housing Action NH

If there were ever a time to avoid the traditional playbook prior to elections when both parties in Congress usually work up messaging bills and pass very little legislation, this would be it. Now is the time for Congress to come together and move a Covid-19 relief package.

As housing advocates, we have done everything we can to make sure CARES Act resources addressed housing stability in our state. We are tremendously proud of the work of our housing advocates who helped make programs like New Hampshire Housing Relief and Homeless Shelter Modification a reality. However, the truth is that Covid-19 is a longer-term challenge than the CARES Act ever envisioned.

Another relief package that includes unemployment assistance, the Paycheck Protection Program and housing stabilization will help sustain the stability generated by CARES Act resources.

We also need Congress to move the Dec. 30 Coronavirus Relief Fund deadline so we can make the most of the resources already in play.

Let’s leave the political playbook aside this time and pass a bipartisan relief bill now.

Elissa Margolin is director of Housing Action NH, a statewide group of organizations and businesses working to improve state and federal housing policy.

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