Manchester mill may house shops

A row of retail shops stretching from Granite Street to near a planned riverfront ballpark is being explored for two Millyard buildings on South Commercial Street in Manchester.

A potential addition to the Langer Place Mill also would include a parking garage for 800 cars and a movie theater, Manchester Downtown Visions principal Frank Catapano told The Union Leader. Plans, he added, are preliminary.

Dick Anagnost, one of the city’s largest developers, said he began discussions yesterday with Catapano about possibly buying out Catapano’s firm as the land developer for the riverfront project immediately south of the Millyard.

“I could step into his shoes,” Anagnost said.

“We’ve agreed to talk,” added Catapano.

Anagnost also is talking with Catapano about using parts of his mill at the southwest corner of Granite Street and the attached Langer Place Mill to the south for shops.

“I think with his building we can do a joint venture,” Catapano said, cautioning, “This is a long way from anything happening.”

Catapano said Anagnost might be interested in buying out condo builder Eric Chinburg, who is looking to build 45 townhouses and 132 condo units.

Anagnost said he will investigate how much flexibility there is on the site with all the agreements and commitments already made.

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