It's been making the rounds

The Concord Monitor sure talks tough on its editorial pages – taking strong pro-income tax and anti-war stances. But apparently the paper gets cold feet when it comes to endorsing candidates, opting for Jeanne Shaheen over Mark Fernald in the 2000 Dem gubernatorial primary, John Kerry over Howard Dean in the 2004 presidential primary and John Lynch over Paul McEachern in the most recent Dem gubernatorial primary.

A new definition of chutzpah: Governor Benson announcing at the end of his campaign commercials, “Angela Blaisdell, fiscal agent.”

When the Associated Press sent out a recent story on U.S. Sen. Bob Graham’s book, “Intelligence Matters,” it was accompanied by the headline, “Graham accuses White House of covering up evidence in Sept. 11.” When the exact same story ran in The Union Leader, it carried the headline: “Kerry camp enlists Graham for ‘bizarre conspiracy’ theory.”

Governor Benson’s decision to skip the Sept. 7 school-funding forum in Portsmouth is more proof that he has completely written off the Seacoast for the November election.

There are plenty of Republicans turned off by the governor who are nonetheless holding their nose and supporting him, knowing that he won’t run for a third term – and that makes it a lot easier in 2006 for their guy, or gal, as the case may be.

Whose surprise party would attract more people, Frank Sapareto’s or Craig Benson’s?

One more time: Whatever happened to Jack Heath?

Jeanne Shaheen as John Kerry’s chief of staff doesn’t seem very likely at all anymore, even if Kerry wins.

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