It’s been making the rounds…

• After his hysterical “Crossfire” performance on the State House lawn last month, calling CNN’s Tucker Carlson a twerp would be an insult to all the other twerps.

• Who’ll have to wait longer before they actually get the cash in their hands from the state — town officials in the Monadnock Region looking for long-promised flood disaster relief or the folks at the Seacoast Shipyard Association?

• Was the recent Ray Wieczorek-Ray Buckley political forum disguised as a Texas-style cage match embarrassing or exhilarating? The jury’s still out.

• Call us when you spot your first “McEachern” bumper sticker.

• Did John Lynch have a satisfying conversation when he spoke recently with former AG Peter Heed?

• You can really get the dander up on those Keough people if you even suggest that John Lynch is “Bruce Keough Lite.”

• They were thinking about putting together a political deck of cards for New Hampshire, similar to the one passed out at the Democratic National Convention, but gave up after realizing that they would be limited to only two jokers per deck.

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