In praise of Dr. Fieseher and Brad Cook

Praise to Dr. Fiesher for an informative article on Obamacare, and Brad Cooks article on NH Lobbyist Liz Murphy.

To the editor: As usual, I enjoyed reading your issue of July 13-26. In particular, I thought the article by my doctor, Dr. Fieseher, and his partner was very informative on Obamacare. ("Affordable Care Act just scratches the surface," July 13-26 NHBR). I know that no one bothered to read the act before it was adopted, and that is just plain wrong.

I enjoyed Brad Cook's article on lobbyist Liz Murphy ("In praise of New Hampshire's lobbyists").I know a little bit about Brad Cook, and all the kind remarks he made about Liz Murphy apply to him as well. In the words of my father Lewis Fisher, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."

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