GT Solar expands its line of credit

GT Solar has quadrupled its credit line to keep up with expanding revenue and expenses, but it may have been one of the reasons the company’s stock price fell from all-time highs last week.The Merrimack-based maker of equipment for solar and LED lighting, has increased its ability to borrow from Credit Suisse AG to $100 million (as opposed to the previous $25 million.) The deal was signed on June 29, but announced July 6, and that’s when the stock fell.GT Solar has regularly been announcing orders in the $100 million over the past few months. The latest $81.7 million for solar equipment came on top of its largest order ever — a $460 million deal with a Chinese company for GT Solar furnaces that are used to produce sapphire crystals for LED lighting.Word of those deals drove the stock price up past $17.50, an all-time high. But the price fell back to the $16.50 range by week’s end. — BOB SANDERS/NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW

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